Homeowner’s insurance also commonly called hazard insurance is a type of property insurance that covers your private residence.

The homeowner policy is a package of six different types of insurance coverages that protect your:

  1. Dwelling
    Coverage for the dwelling and any attached structures.
  2. Other Structures
    Coverage for the structures separated from the dwelling by a clear space or connected by a fence, utility line, or similar connection. This is typically a detached garage or storage shed.
  3. Personal Property
    Coverage for your belongings. From your favorite recliner to the clothes on your back, your belongings are covered anywhere in the world.
  4. Loss of Use
    Coverage for additional living costs wen an insured loss makes your home uninhabitable. These additional expenses may include hotels, food and vehicle expenses.
  5. Personal Liability 
    Coverage for an accident, in or out of the insured home, that results in bodily injury or property damage that you are held legally responsible.
  6. Medical Payments to Others
    Coverage for the costs associated with injuries that happen to guests at your insured home, regardless of who is at fault

Joski Insurance Agency will help make sure that you and your family are able to restore your home should a catastrophic disaster strike you. It is important that you are covered with the proper insurance.

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